#TeenWolfWiki : PART 4!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post! 
This is the part 4 and I can't really believe how time passes by because it'll basically be 2016 in 3 days! 
Do you celebrate New Year? I don't really celebrate New Year, I mean, I go to sleepover at my best friends' houses or they come to my place but it's not like we are going to party that much just because it's New Year and I'm Muslim , too , so that isn't properly in my religion.
I think I went really too deep into this and I have so much to do so I should probably start haha...
Today I'm going to write about...
Triskelion ! 

*I miss Derek so much...*

So, if you watch Teen Wolf (sayin' this because some of my readers don't watch Teen Wolf but they find these posts interesting) you probably noticed that triskelion tattoo on Derek's back. But what is actually triskelion and why Derek has its tattoo? 
Triskelion is basically the sign of 3 spirals which somehow look like 3 legs. 
But the triskelion is an acient symbol with wide and varied meanings and usage around the world. 
But in Teen Wolf it has first time appeared in the second episode , around Laura Hale's grave as Stiles removed a wolfsbane studded rope next to Derek's house. Basically, it appeared a lot in Teen Wolf, even in Lydia's hallucinations. Derek explained Scott that triskelion is used as the symbol of the revenge among werewolf packs. But Boyd, in season 2, points out that the symbol has different meanings to different people. It might mean past, present and future or father,mother and child. Derek says that the symbol means to him Alpha, Beta and Omega - the three types of werewolves. He said it reminds him that we all can rise and fall. Beta can become an Alpha or an Alpha falling down to Omega status.
Talia Hale (a.k.a Derek's mother) used this sign to teach each one of her child to control themselves in the night of the full moon. 
There are also more different meanings of this sign : the stage of life and progress in the life (action, moving forward, etc.), the three real realms (water,sky and earth) and the phases of the moon (new, half and full). 

This sign really looks cool to me. What do you think? 

So that was all for today, I hope you enjoyed. Please comment down bellow if you did and follow me on GFC. 

Stay alive,xx


  1. Zanimljiv post,isto tako se i ja osjećam za Novu godinu,ništa pretjerano haha.
    Super post,jako zanimljivo:)

    Novi outfit post,također postavi koje pitanje ako te što zanima za Q&A. Sretni blagdani :)

    1. Hvala ti! Sad bar znam da nisam jedina haha :).