#TeenWolfWiki : PART 3!

Hello guys and welcome to the third part of #TeenWolfWiki!
Today I'm going to talk about...

They've literally marked the season 5 so I think it's time to talk about them...

I've been searching the Internet for a while to find more informations about the Chimeras and I was thinking how could I conjure them to you...
So, the Chimera is a single organism with plural DNAs (and I really hope that makes sense...)

This is basically one Chimera. It's the lion with the second head of a goat's, and a snake's body for a tail.
It looks gross to me but... Whatever haha.
Let's talk about the Teen Wolf Chimeras. Well, Chimeras first showed in Teen Wolf in the season 5.
 The Dread Doctors usually use the young people to make the Chimeras out of them. Each victim had a medical procedure prior to being altered by the Doctors. They'd received tissue transplant, from an outside donor from the same speices, i.e.skin  grafts or organ transplants.
When the Chimeras first manifest their paranormal nature, they initially bleed out black blood. But, if they eventually bleed mercury the Doctors declare them as a failure of the resulting creature they are looking for.
In Status Asthmaticus , the Dread Doctors' latest experiment, ''La Bete'' (The Beast) is declared a success. Dread Doctors made Theo one of the Chimeras, he was also their first successful Chimera. Do we mention Theo a little too much? Naah... Let's continue...
He basically worked for Dread Doctors as the spy of the Scott's pack.
Afterwards, Theo created his own 'pack' with Dread Doctors' failures : Hayden, Tracy, Josh and Corey.
Well , I'm kind of happy because Hayden is back but I'm not happy at all because she's the one of them now.
And oh, Theo is the Chimera with the genetic makeup of werewolf and werecoyote.
Theo can steal the Alpha status and he can also turn into a full wolf and a full coyote. All Chimeras have ability to touch and cross the mountain ash barriers which is bad because they can't be stopped at all. You can stop a werewolf just by making the circle of mountain ash, you can trap the demon by creating the devil's trap, but them... You can stop them without, of course, killing them...

Hmm I think that's all. At the end, I can just say that this season is going to be TO HELL AND BACK!

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I love you guys! 

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