#TeenWolfWiki : PART 2!

Hello guys and welcome to another #TeenWolfWiki post!
If you haven't notice it already, in this kind of posts I'm writing just about the things that are connected to present and future of Teen Wolf so in this post I decided to write about...
Theo Reaken! 

Theo Reaken a.k.a the new evil Teen Wolf bi... Hm, I mean character! So, Theo Reaken is the Teen Wolf character which appeared in 5th season. He claimed to be a bitten werewolf but, in fact, he's one of the chimeras (Dread Doctors' experiments) . 
As I said in the last post, I'm going talk about him in my own experience of him, i.e I'm going to write subjectively but also,as you can notice, I add some objective facts. 
Hmm what to say about him that wouldn't make me upset? Haha.
Well, he's a guy that was prettending he wants to be a part of Scott's pack but at the beginning, Stiles recognized his evil intentions and he informed Scott about that but well... Scott didn't trust him and Theo was getting closer and closer to the members of his pack. 
I don't really know why, but he thinks Malia likes him, despite the fact he's in the relationship with Stiles.
His self-esteem is a little bit to high, if you ask me... 
He claimed to be Scott's and Stiles' friend from elementary school and his only goal which made him come back to Beacon Hills was to join Scott's pack but the truth is that he just wanted to get his pack against him and take his title of the Alpha werewolf.
In his stories about him he told that his sister died 8 years ago in the woods after she drown in the water but the truth is that he was watching her dying and he didn't help her.
He was born evil, there's no other explanation...
I mean, how can you watch your own sister dying and just stay there without any guilty conscience? I don't know... I wouldn't be able to watch any human being dying knowing that I'm able to help him or her and don't do it. 
But why the hell they picked Cody Christian for this role when he's just so beautiful and oh my God... Theo has such a beautiful face but such an evil spirit!
Well, let's continue...
Stiles found portions of Theo's story don't add up, speciffically his father's signature on a school form seems to be forged. That's my boyfriend! He always gets it! Haha.
In one episode his parents were scared of him and then he crushed his father's finger to explain away Stiles ''evidence'' against him.
At all of his ways, he tried to ''fit in''. He saved Hayden and Liam from the Dread Doctors and I still don't get it why he did that. And he, also, didn't tell Sheriff Stilinski about Donovan's death so... He could be like half-good and half-evil man? Or not? 
I don't know, but I know that he's going to reveal his personality in the next season for sure!

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Thank you for reading!
I love you! 

Stay alive,xx


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