#TeenWolfWiki : PART 1!

Hello guys,how are you doing? 
I told you in my last post that I'm going to do special kind of posts from December 25th to January 5th (when Teen Wolf season 5B starts) so I decided to do ''#TeenWolfWiki'' posts in 10 parts whose titles I'm not going to discover you so they can be surprise for you! 
I hope you are excited as much as I am! 
In this post I'm gonna talk about...
The Beast of Gévaudan! 
Yes, that's right! I think it's time to talk about that beast!

We have already had a little conversation about this beast in my Teen Wolf Season 5B : NEWS?! post where I just mentioned that this is our enemy in the next season, the 5B season. 
You can google it or search the wikipedia about this beast but I'm gonna make it closer to you in this post (we don't understand wikipedia sometimes, admit it).

So, at the first photo up above it looks like a dinosaur somehow to me, isn't it? But at this one...

I'd say it's a wolf kind of monster...
And you are probably guessing... It's a man-eating wolf-like animal! 
But why the Beast of Gévaudan? Gévaudan is a historical area of France. How is France connected with this monster? Well, in 1760 this monster allegedly was held responsible for at least 60 animal-attack deaths. But there was not only one beast. There were more of them. They killed their victims by tearing at their throats with their teeth. I'm a little bit confused now because I just told that they are responsible for at least 60 animal-attack deaths but I found another source that says that there were more deaths. More that one hundred! I don't know how many people they've killed but I surely know they are dangerous! So dangerous! 
And there's another interesting fact: 
Remember the season 1 of the Teen Wolf? Well, in that season Allison learns that one of her ancestors killed the beast after his wife and four children were to fall prey to the creature!
Well, in the next season, it's believed that the Dread Doctors will appear to have resurrected the beast because they'll wish to steal it's power.
This must be confusing to you! 
I belive that's the reason why Theo told our pack that they have common enemy.
Maybe, just maybe, they'll try to fight it together?
Well, I still don't like Theo and I wish him all the worst.

That was all for today! I hope you've realized that this season is really going to be TO HELL AND BACK!
Sorry, I didn't want to scare you... Umh...
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I love you guys! Stay tuned because tomorrow I'm bringing you #TeenWolfWiki: PART 2!

And yeah, of course... Merry Christmas to all of my readers who celebrate it! I wish you all the best because you deserve it! Hey, don't eat all of that cookies, send some to me!! :-) 

I love you guys!
Stay alive,xx


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