''They Underestimated My Power''

When the Sun goes down and the Moon is full, I just want you to be by my side and hold me tight so the Moon loses its power and my claws don't appear wanting to unstitch all the skin on this little Earth, just to see weakness in their eyes.. 
It's not actually claws or fangs that make us different from others, baby. 
It's the desire in our hearts to kill everything that doesn't deserve to live. 
To see them suffer in pain like others suffered while they were hurting them so bad.
We want it.
We, werewolves, just want to make this planet better to live. 
Humans... Humans are bad,bad,bad... 
They are jealous, envious, corrupt beings. They are fake.
They'd tell you they love you but inside, they just want you to be dead.
And that's what makes me werewolf. Because werewolves are beings that want justice, that are sick of seeing other innocent people suffer.
They say... ''You become a werewolf when one of them bites us'' but honey... 
How did the first one originate? 
Shh just listen me... I'll tell you the story how they underestimated her power.
There was a girl. They didn't know her name because they called her a failure.
She saw what other people didn't. 
She noticed what they didn't. 
She was a witness of so much injustice in her life, she was witness of many crimes happening in front of her eyes, in her town... 
She knew it wasn't alright. She wanted to change the world.
But she couldn't. At least she thought like that.
One night... She dreamed it. She dreamed her becoming a werewolf. Werewolf who hunts bad things and saves lives. 
But she kept quiet. She held it in her for a long,long time. But one night... The Moon raised and she felt it. She was turning into a werewolf throwing out every atom of anger she felt. 
Her claws, fangs and speed were incredible. But she knew she needed an army. An army of soldiers to help her to change the world. They underestimated her power but once they saw she was something special... They changed their mind but she didn't. 
- And that's just how it all has started... 

Hello guys! 
Happy Wednesday to you! Haha first thing first, one announcement : my publishing schedule changed a little bit and now I'm posting EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY! 
I hope that's fine to you.
And now, let's talk about this fanfiction text I just wrote. I wrote it and it's not like the true legend about werewolves! Just to make that clear. I wrote it like Malia was the first werewolf ever because... I don't know, I just had that kind of inspiration, I guess? 
So thanks for reading, please comment down bellow telling me do you like this kind of posts and what should I post next? :) 
I love you all guys, 

Stay alive,xx 


  1. great fanfiction! Interesting idea to represent Malia as the first and to intepret werewolves as being driven by a desire to make the world a better place.


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