Why Am I Void?!

I've done so many things wrong but why is God punishing me like this?! Why is He taking you from me, when I can't live without you?! Am I that bad person?
' I don't want to hurt you, maybe it's better to... Please go, I can't say it...'
' Baby, what's wrong?'
' Don't... Just don't... I... I want you to leave! We are done! '
And you left. Deep down, I wanted you to stay but baby, you don't realize that I am the one who's hurting you! It's all my false! I should've protect you from everything but I can't... I'm not that strong...
The monsters will chase you when you are with me and I want you to go. I want you to be happy somewhere else, with somebody else, without me... 
I'm the cause of your pain, I'm the one who should feel it, I deserve it because I've done so many bad things in my life. But you...
You are the one who's face is more innocent than anything on this planet.
You are the one who makes people shame about their behavior not saying anything, just looking at them...
Your eyes are bright and shinny when you are with me and I don't want to shut the shine down but I can't help it... I can't protect you from evil that's chasing me.
How can it even come close to you when you are so good and nice?
What's wrong with me?! Why am I void?!
I can't help myself... It's better for you to leave me and everything will be okay. 
Your life will be normal again.
Like before you met me.
But I don't think you regret it... 
I'm hoping you don't regret a second spent with me,baby...
Promise me you'll remember me and go.
It's better to leave evil than to become one.


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