Imagine : Wedding Day

It's the half of the most beautiful month, called March.
In March, everything's pretty, every flower let us enjoy its beauty creating the colorful picture of this beautiful planet Earth.
My thoughts and worries are bigger than the Earth on this day.
It's our wedding day...
Lydia and I are wearing long beautiful white dresses, the same ones because now, when we are best friends, we love to wear the same clothes so we decided to wear the same wedding dresses.
Parrish has never been prettier than today. But you know that my eyes are not focusing on Parrish but him... My biggest love, the only truth on this world... My Stiles.
Realizing that now, for a few minutes, I'll be standing there with him, looking him in his beautiful eyes, but this time like his wife.
My surname will be Stilinski. Oh God!
Malia Stilinski. 
How that does sound to you?
I have never been happier in my entire lifetime.
After all these years, he can make the butterflies in my stomach going crazy by just one look, just one smile...
Lydia is happy now, too. I'm grateful for everything that I've got.
I've got my best friend here by my side, we are doing our double wedding that we were always dreaming about. Our wedding dresses are beautiful but they wouldn't be this beautiful without this brooch. It's brooch with initials of a true hero that I wish I knew better... A.A. - Allison Argent.
I wish she was there with us, on our day because I see how much Lydia misses her. 
Her eyes are showing that she's trying to find someone in the crowd knowing that it's not possible, but she's still looking...
Trying to break this jitters, I'm looking who's out there...
Scott and Kira are there! Kira looks so beautiful! Scott is trying to reassure Stiles but the little Allison is interrupting him by playing with his trousers. 

Hello my dear wolfiers!
I hope you enjoyed this post! Who agrees with me that this should happen?
Let me see your hands in the air hahaha!

Welll...Hope you like it! If you do be sure to let me know in the comments down below and please follow me on GFC and G+. Thank you!

 Stay alive,xx


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    1. You want me to chose Lydia or Malia? Well, I like them both but Malia is my queen :)

  3. Aaah. Weddings are really the ones I get excited with. :)

    Please check out my new post, too? I'd love to hear from you! :)

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  8. Sound perfect!
    Beautiful pics!
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