You Are The Song Of My Heart

Missing and loving you became my addiction. I can't help myself anymore. 
There's no cure for my disease,
So don't leave me please...

Your eyes are shining so bright, 
When you are with me,
That's the time when everything is alright, 
So let's order some tea.

Let's find out if it makes us go crazy,
After I gave you bouquet of roses and single daisy, 
To show you that you are special,
Special to me...
Since you came it's like there's a devil
In my body and a cup of tea
Won't help till you don't tell me 
That you have been loving me for a while,
but you were to shy to tell

Cuz baby, that's what I want to tell you
You, you, you
You are the song of my heart,
In which there's no word but love, 
You are a piece of art, 
My love can't reach no more above...

World is a nasty place,
Can't leave your beautiful face, 
I'd die if someone'd hurt you,
Your hero is me, 
Baby you need nobody.

So let's make this forever,
It's now or never.
Nothing's gonna change if you want me to leave,
I know that I'll be there forever,
for you, to love you and take care of you...


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