20 Reasons To Ship Stalia

Hello, my dear wolfiers and welcome to another post!
This time, I'm showing you 44 reasons to ship our favorite couple ever!

Let's get into this...

I ship Stalia because :
1. They love each other.
2. They care about each other.
3. They have saved each others lifes couple of times.
4. They are different but yet so similar.
5. They are beautiful together.
6. They think in the same way.
7. They complete each other.
8. They are strong together.
9. Thay can beat any enemy together.
10. They can't live without each other.
11. They are the most interesting couple in Teen Wolf.
12. The way they look at each other.
13. The way they support each other.
14. The way they hold hands.
15. The way they show their love to each other.
16. They controle each other.
17. They are lovely couple.
18. They love each other more than themselves.
19. Stiles is Malia's first love.
20. Malia is Stiles' first relatioship.

Stay alive,xx


  1. Great post as always

  2. A beautiful relationship. Hope it will last.

  3. Jako zanimljivo, originalno i prelepo :) Ostavila si me bez reci :D Samo tako nastavi, neverovatna si blogerka <3 <3 <3


  4. Dylan is injured (broken his bones) while filming the Maze Runner.. Really worry about him.


    1. I've heard about that yesterday and I'm really worried about him,too! :(

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  7. Nice post

    Love Vikee

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  9. Thanks for posting these words!
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  10. Stalia is an amazing ship and I truly think it's OTP but others donot and due to many fans demanding stydia the write are basically giving it to them creating fan service because people said it will bring the ratings up but that's not the case but in fact got worse. Also season 4 was thought to be the last season and it was meant to say that Derek leaves knowing that Scott's knows everything and that his relationship with Kira is happy and that stiles and malia are happy to remain with each other and the fact that marrish is starting. Don't forget that Lydia said that I am done with teenage boys and yet stiles is a teen this was to allow marrish to happen but it was renewed making everything change. Finally Jeff Davis wrote nearly all stalia scenes but his writers wrote the shitty stydia lines meaning that he did love the idea and concept of stalia and then being with each other. Overall STALIA IS ENDGAME!!!!(In my world and every other alternative world)