Stalia's Style Is Killing It Part 2!

Hello guys,
What's up? 
Today, I'm writting on the same theme as I wrote 2 days ago and it's because one girl asked me to do it again, so I'm doing the part 2! 

I hope you'll enjoy, it'll be the same as 2 days ago, I'll do Malia's part, then Stiles' part and, again, there will be 3 must haves from their closets.

Let's start!


I haven't talked about her shoes and now I'm going to do it haha!

These black combot boots you can get HERE! They aren't really expensive because boots are around this price everywhere and also, you don't need to order them online, you can buy them in any mall. 

I mean, girl loves boots! If you don't like heels or don't wear them yet (like me) you can always get these boots without heels! You can get SIMILAR ones HERE !
*if you are reading this comment down bellow ''#LookAtKirasFace'' *

Let me just add this : She loves boots! Any kind of boots! Any color! Boots! If you want to look like Malia just wear boots! Haha.

Malia loves wearing cardigans and they are so great because you can wear basic cardigan with every outfit.

Stripes nautical kind of look? Yeah,sure, we love it!
You can get SIMILAR HERE

You can get this one in other color HERE!


We love this baby pink sweater and how it looks like on Malia! You can get THE SAME ONE HERE! And it's just $7 !

Malia loves wearing sweaters in light colors, such as light pink,light blue or even white. 
You can get these sweaters in any mall! And that's so great about Malia's style, all the clothes are affordable and you can get them everywhere!



This t-shirt with a skull is called Obey Dia De Los Muertos t-shirt and you can get this one in another color HERE!

This one is pretty basic, it's poly cotton short sleeve ringer t-shirt but it's so Stiles' style and you can get this one HERE!

I love this one! Let's settle this like adults haha! You can get this one HERE!

And we talked about Malia's shoes, so why not talk about Stiles' shoes ,too? I mean ... haha.

These ones are called '' Nike SB Dunk Low Pro in Wolf Grey/Light Redwood'' and you can get similar ones HERE!

These ones are called '' Nike SB Eric Koston Skate Shoe in Black/Crystal Mint '' and you can get them HERE!

That was all for today!
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Love you guys and see you tomorrow, x

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  1. Love those posts !
    Can we please get part 3?
    Please check my blog and let me know what do you think about it ! ☺❤