True Love Never Dies

There are some times in everyone's life that you just want to be alone, you've done something that you mean is so horrible that you can't even look at the eyes of the person you love. You just can't tell them, everytime you try to finally say it you just think about that person's reaction, you think they will stop loving you and that's the worst feeling... 
Please... Don't think I don't love you because you feel I'm going far away from you, like there's hole between us that will not ever stop spreading... You know that's not the truth. I just... I need time. 
A little time to pick myself up and think about my decisions and things I've done, I just...
I don't think someone like you, that kind of beautiful person, deserves me...
I'm nothing and you are everything.
Why do you even want me when you can have hundreds times better boys? 
I love you and I'm sick of pushing you back from me. I just need to realize some things in life, arrange the cubes in my head and then... 
Then I'll be happy. I will be the same boy you know. Believe me, I'm not going anyway. 
I'm here,always, for you.
You know I'll never stop loving you, wanting you and I won't ever get sick of telling you how beautiful you are to me even when you always says it's not the truth? You know it, right? 
Look into my eyes, they only see you. Now, tomorrow and always. Always and forever.
Don't be sad. I'm not going far away. I'm here. I'm here but like I'm not... And I want to change it. 
But... No one can help me with that. I have to fight the demons in my head and the monsters under my bed alone, by myself. If I don't do it alone, honey, they won't go.
They are my life lesson. They want to teach me some things about life. Life is a big fight, first with yourself and then with all the people on the world. I need to finish the first fight, fight with myself and then... The two of us will fight the world together. Because... Darling, you know we don't care about anyone else but the two of us? I only see you. I don't care what they say, I'll always and forever love you.
The true love never dies... 

Hello my people out there around the world (wth?!) haha,
I don't know, I just feel happy because I get into this writting and I was thinking that we all want Stiles to say this to Malia in next episode. I mean, I'm not alone, right?

So, that was all for today,
I hope you enjoyed this ''Stiles saying to Malia'' type of text and...
I guess, see you tomorrow!

Love ya and stay alive, xx


  1. This is so beautiful. You should be writter because you're so talented. And you are not the only person who wants Stiles to say this to Malia.❤❤

    1. O my God! Thank you so,so, so much! You're so nice.❤❤❤❤❤❤