Spaces Between Us Keep Getting Deeper...

''Who's gonna be the first one to stop the fight...''
Song started as my tears... 
Really don't know what's happening to me... What's happening to us? Tell me, our forever has end?
I thought forever means you're never gonna let me go. When I said to leave me alone I was hoping you'll hug me as you never did before. I hoped you'll give me a reason to try, to start again...
You didn't. And, you know, I try to convince everybody around me that I don't need you anymore but the truth is... I need you. I need you now, tomorrow and day after that... I need you for forever. I was hoping, you know... That you don't need my words. Just look into my eyes! They talk the different language with more beautiful story than my lips. I needed you to stay by me through my worse and I'll give you the best of my love. But. you didn't...
I'll scream, I'll fight, I'll say awful thing to you but... Please stay! Just say ''shhh'' and hug me. That's enough. Feeling your arms around me is the only thing I want right now...
It seems crazy. but I didn't ever wanted a lot. Just you, me and a little house in the mountains. 
Is that a lot?
Why the hell you needed to tell me you'll never leave than leave like you aren't leaving me behind you?
Do you even remember me today?! I hate myself for this but ...I do, I remember you.
When I'm falling asleep I remember your cute stories for the good night and sweet dreams, like I was a child, but I loved it. I loved everything about you. And I still do. Every night I fall asleep and wake up with tears on my face. But I just wash my face, get dressed and go out like nothing's happening. You, probably, seeing me, think I'm happy. But there's such a mess in my head and heart no one will ever understand. I might be laughing but deep inside... I miss everything about you... I'm half a heart without you... Wake me up please! Wake me up, hug me and say it was just a nightmare because it feels like nightmare... From some nightmares you can't ever wake up. 
I know you feel the same, tell me you do! 
You can't just forget our wonderful moments together, all the laughs, all the jokes, all the tears, all the smiles, all the fights... You can't just forget it! It's not that easy! At least... For me...
I dream you sometimes... I dream us... I dream you smiling as I punch your shoulder as I used to do when you acted like a child and then pretend it really hurts you and make me kiss you to drive away the ''pain''. I dream you waking me in the middle of the night just to say me you love me and you can't fall asleep because you love to watch me sleeping. I dream our past moments and every single day, minute and second hoping we'll repeat it all again.
After the rain the sun rises, they say, but... When our sun will rise? 
Tell me Stiles, do you love me?
Because... I love you. 
But, shhh. No one will ever know...

Hello guys, 
Here's new post, I hope you like it because I really wanted to write a good one but I'm feeling sick, I have really bad sore throat so...
I hope you don't mind it's not something special.
I wrote it like Malia is writting this to Stiles, after they had broken up... It's sad to me but I needed to express my feelings about all this break up thing, waiting for the new episode and hoping it's not even the truth. 

And I really want to thank you for amazing 200+ views on my YouTube Stalia video (btw.you can check it HERE )! In few days, I'll be posting new one and I'm hoping for 500 views until then. 

See you tomorrow with super-exciting post ''8th Episode Got Me Like...'' <3
Hope you'll enjoy it, 
Love ya , xx

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