But baby running after you is like I'm chasing the clouds...

Hello guys,
What's up?
So imagine this : Malia has just arrived into Beacon Hills and she's taking the same classes as Stiles does and he falls in love with her but she doesn't want get into relationship or fall in love with somebody because she's been hurt the last time she fell in love but Stiles wants to convince her that there's still hope for love. And he says...

I'm writting you this but I know you'll never read it, even if I give it to you but I just have to say this to you... 
Being hurted is the part of our lives and our heart gets broken, yeah, but there's no such a thing on this world that can't be fixed even if it's so crushed into pieces. 
Your heart is broken but I can fix it ,baby.
Just believe me and let it happen. Falling in love really is falling but if you fall with a wrong person, but something makes me think that you are ''the right one''.
Yeah, I believe in soulmates and I think you are mine.
And you know what? I won't give up. You'll be mine at the end of this torture which you are cause because you don't just let the things happen. You'll push me from yourself, you'll fight with me, you'll say awful things to me just to leave but baby, you know I won't leave and I know that's all you want.
Someone who won't leave when you say him to leave. 
I fell in love with you! Yeah, I did! Is it so wrong?
Is it wrong that your smile makes me happy, your tears make me sad and your pain hurts me,too? 
Even if it's wrong... You know what? I love doing wrong things!
There's no way you can escape from love.
Love is here, but you... You don't want to believe it exist!
But all your shattered pieces can be fixed, all your tears I can wipe away and make you forget all the pain you felt and feel loved again.
I know I can make you happy but just if you let me to.
I love you but baby...
Running after you is like I'm  chasing the clouds...
But clouds can be caught, I believe, if you just want it so much. 
And I won't stop till my queen calls me her king.

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