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Hello my people haha,
I don't know how to thank you for this... We've just hit 3000 VIEWS! This is amazing! I can't thank you enough for all your support. THANK YOU SO,SO,SO MUCH <3!

So, today I'm going to write ''8th Episode Got Me Like''. I've just watched the 8th episode of Teen Wolf so I'll do my review on things going on in the show.

This show is just getting more and more mysteriously and I'm so excited but also, so worried about future episodes.

First thing first : DESERT WOLF?
She's such a ewwwww person (if you know what I mean). Deaton and his don't-know-who-is-he friend were researching some stuff in the water treatment factory or idk how to call it and then she (Desert Wolf) just show up. And I don't know why, but I think Deaton used to know her before all this... But it doesn't even matter. She asked Deaton about her daughter (Malia) and I was first confused why Deaton said he don't know anything about her (but he knows obviously...) but when she said ''I hope you don't lie to me because if she's alive, I'll have to kill her again'' ! I was like ''Oh you witch!'' How could she even think about killing her own daughter?! What the hell is wrong with her?! I mean, now I understand what kind of woman could date Peter but still... I don't understand her at all...
But anyways, let's continue...

Let's clear this out...
If Kira didn't kill the girl Melissa found on her kitchen table, neither her Father or Mother did (she's killed by the fox's sword) than who has done it?
Or maybe... Kira did it but she can't remember it, maybe she was controlled by the fox inside her?!
I think second statement is truth but I really hope, with all my heart, that it isn't...
I was so sad when she leaved... I'll miss her...
When is she even coming back? How will Scott go through all this without her?
It's sad that she's leaving but I think she made the right decision. Maybe she needs some time to learn to control the fox inside her.
And I believe she will. #StayStrongKira

Scott was so freaking out that he didn't even think about other's people safeness trying to find Liam and Hayden.
But I totally understand him, more than that.
I love his bromance with Liam but I also miss his bromance with Stiles...
I miss Sciles a lot...#CanYouSeeMyEyesSweating?
It's too much for me. I don't like changes! Especially this changes... What's happening with Sciles, Scira, Stalia ? What's happening guys? Can someone tell me ,please?! Because I'm just freaking out looking for the answer why Stiles didn't tell Scott and Malia about Dunovan's murder? Why is he being so... Like he doesn't trust his best friend or even his girlfriend? I don't know what is happening in Beacon Hills and I really miss 1st, 2nd and 3rd seasone when everybody was happy and they talked about their problems with their friends. They always found solution to every single problem, now... They are so bussy trying to save other people's life but still there are so many murders in Beacon Hills, so can we please slow this down?! I kinda like this season for all mysteries but I also, kinda hate the way they don't even have their life anymore. #IfYouKnowWhatIMean

And from all this stuff that I don't get this must be the number one :
Water treatment factory or house with basement? Which place is the one where Dread Doctors are?

And what about Theo? He's been like ''oh I'll be good this episode to confuse them then I'll again meet with Dread Doctors and I'll be 100% bad boy again'' !
Like ,what?!
What do you think, is Theo #GoodGuy or #BadBoy? Write me in the comments down bellow.

Also, they discovered that Parrish takes the bodies to the Nemeton and I'm so glad they figured it out so now they can stop him or find out what it is all about this carrying bodies to Nemeton thing.
I'm so,so excited for new episodes but I'm ALSO HOPEFUL THAT THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME STALIA MOMENTS! #IKnowYouFeelMyPain :(

And I discovered some pretty cool stuff...
Pretty good news but I'll also be more happier that they said that for Malia,too. :/
But I think Malia is also staying. :) Idk why but I have that feeling.
And they didn't said anything about Kira, so this might be the last episode we have seen from her?! :O
I don't know ,tell me what you think!

And... I don't know how to say this but... You can't just have the good news ,right?
So... There's going to be pause after 2 weeks from now and Teen Wolf won't be on TV untill... January.
I know,I know... I can tell how you feel because I'm probably going to lay down and cry after I finish writing this...

So that was all for today,
I hope you enjoyed and again, I want to thank you so,so,so much for surprising me like this with amazing 3000 views!


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