''Yesterday is history and tomorrow is mystery.''
Will we be alive the next minute, hour or day? Will we be make our dreams come true before we die?
Will we have a chance to create a family and have a children? Will we have a time to be happy? 
But most important... Will we be together till we die? 
I just... I only have a few wishes and dreams in this life, but in every wish, in every dream... You are.
I just want to be happy with you, kiss you, hug you and die on your chest. It's the place where all my fears are powerless. You are my Batman, you chase away all my fears just by your touch.
You banish all my pain just by your kiss. 
When you hug me... All my wishes and dreams came true and all I want is to stop the moment and hug you forever. 
I just want you to be my first and the last love. Actually, you truly love just once in a lifetime.
True love is stronger than death. 
My dream is to grow old with you, create a family with you and love you till my last breath.
I don't know what future brings us, I don't even know what will happen tomorrow... But only thing I know is that... I love you and I'm gonna love you forever. 
Even when I die, my love won't die with me.
You know... I believe in the world behind this one. I believe that God has prize and punishment for all of these people on the world. That is actually what keeps us alive. Hope and faith.
Hope that one day, when I die, I'll meet you again and be happy with you on the world behind this one.
Hope that , in this life, we'll be together until our last breath.
Hope that, one day, when I get old and my skin wrinkles and my hair gets grey... That you'll still look at me with love like you looked at me when we first kissed.
I'm a big dreamer. Sometimes... I try to hide it but it doesn't actually work.
I can't hide all my dreams. 
I dream us. I dream me in the beautiful white wedding dress coming towards you with a big smile on my face looking completly silly and you look at me like I'm the most beautiful women in the world.
And then... I want to look at our little Stiles running in our big family house. 
I want to spent my life with you...
I love you...

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