Wake Me Up And End This Dream Without You

You're in my head. Slowly taking the place in my heart you are walking through my thoughts holding my hend and saying me you'll always love me. You are beautiful, but now like always. Now... A it's different. Your eyes shine brighter and your smile seems more beautiful. But wait... Something's different. Why are you leaving? Wait! Don't go! Why are you leaving my hand? You're getting far away from me and I can't stop it. You are going away... But, but... I want you to stay? I'm shouting, I'm fighting, I'm loving, I... I don't want you to leave but you are. You are leaving me here. On our road. Why are you leaving all our dreams on our road of love? On that road, we should have walk together! We should love together, smile together and... And do everything together. I'm sweating and crying and I just can't stop. "No, no, don't leave...", I'm mumbling and... "Stiles... Stiles... Shhh it's okay. It was just a dream. Shh.", your touch wakes me up. "Malia... You're here!", I said excited like a little kid and hugged you strong like a grown-up man. "I'm here and I'm not going anywhere... ", your pure words calmed me down and you curled up in my strong arms that are never gonna let you go... Lost in the reality I don't want to dream ever again, unless you'd be by my side.

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