Teen Wolf Summer Finale : What to expect?!

Hello guys, So,so,so tonight is THE NIGHT! IT'S MONDAY! IT'S TEEN WOLF NIGHT BUT NOT AN USUAL TEEN WOLF NIGHT IT'S FINALE NIGHT! Tonight is the night I will cry a lot. Just lay down and cry. It's okay. I understand.... I can't even imagine my life without Teen Wolf... I don't know, I just... Is it just me or this 5a midseason was like 5 seconds or less? Yeah,man, it just passed very quickly... I can't wait for 5b season and I don't have 100% true info about the date where it starts but I hope, I really hope this "pause" won't be too long because I feel sad now, imagine how sad we'll be when we've seen this episode and you will be there sitting like "I don't know what I'm doing with my life" and you'll probably (like me) watch this season again and again until we finally get first episode of 5b season.
And I'm scared for this episode, I'm really ,really worried about Scott... You'll know what I'm talking about if you've watched 2 sneak peeks on Teen Wolf official Facebook site. In the first one Theo is saying that he came for werecoyote, for Banshee, for the dark Kitsune, for void Stiles etc.but it doesn't include Scott and... Are you ready? WARNING! ... Lydia manages to predict that one of them is going to die but she is unable to point out who it is going to be. Someone is going to die!
And I'm bringing you the rumors...
I'm not ready for this but... Liam may kill Scott to save Hayden... Just... Fingers crossed and hope it's not the truth!
But I mean... That was Theo's plan from the beggining? Working with Dread Doctors they made Hayden chimera because they knew Liam would die for her (or kill...). But now I'm realizing that Theo didn't lie about the part he wants to be the part of the pack but he didn't mentoined that he wants to kill Alpha to become one. So he decided to get Scott into the fight with Stiles and then with Liam who will (I hope I'm telling the lies) probably kill him... And that's pretty upseting to me.
Liam believes that Hayden can only heal if she was bitten by an Alpha werewolf - an act that Scott, being the Alpha, does not want to do. By killing Scott, his Alpha powers will be transferred to whoever his killer is going to be. Maybe Theo promised him that he'll turn Hayden into werewolf but he can only do it if he's an Alpha.
It is fortunate that the werewolves will be at their full strength. The night is going to have a supermoon - perigee syzygy - after all. The strength of the moon has a direct effect on their powers as werewolves and the stronger the moon is, the stronger the pack becomes. 
But you know Scott was worried about his condition because his asthma (which is btw.just getting worse and worse...) because it makes him unable to defend.
In the second sneak peek Theo and Lydia were talking that she feels that somebody's going to die but she can't tell who is it going to be.
Then Theo says he wants all of them and Lydia, of course, asks what is he talking about and he just said "Don't worry, I'll give you some time to think about it" and slap her hard so she falls down.
This really gets me sick to just think about...

I just want to kill Theo and solve all the problems on the Earth! But there's something I don't get... Why Scott doesn't want to turn Hayden into a werewolf and save her? Why? I belive in our pack. I believe Stiles, Malia, Kira and Lydia can defend Scott, stop Theo and convince Liam he's not doing the right thing. #fingerscrossed That was all for today, I can't even say "hope you enjoyed" because I know you didn't, how could you enjoy this horrible predictions... Just see you tomorrow... Tomorrow I'm doing "10th Episode Got Me Like..." post and see you then Love you, Stay alive,xx


  1. Omg jedva cekam novu epizodu😍ali nezz kako cu izdrzati bezz Teen Wolf-a par mjeseci dok se snima 5b sezona❤ :(

  2. I don't think that Scott is going to die because he's the main main character. But I've got some feeling that Liam will die. I hope that it will not happen. I don't know why, but I still believe that Theo will be good in the end. I hope Derek will come and solve all problems.

    1. I don't really know what to think. Theo can't be good, at least, I think so.
      And yeah, Derek is our only hope. #fingerscrossed

  3. Jedva cekam novu ep , al takodje ne znam sta cu neko vreme bez serije . :((
    - inace odlican post i takodje ti je super blog . ♥ srecno dalje blogovanje ! :)
    Pozdrav . <3

    pogledaj moj blog ako zelis ; http://myfortunewithyou5.blogspot.com :)