10th Episode (Summer Finale) Got Me Like...

Hello guys, Umhh I've watched 10th episode of Teen Wolf like 2h ago and I was just sitting there, looking at the wall and crying. And now, ehen I'm writting this, tears are back into my eyes... I don't even know how to start this because I'm not ready to write about the last episode of this midseason... Now I understand Scott's reason to not turn Hayden into a werewolf. She was to weak to survive the bite. And Liam was, normally,out of his freaking mind. But... I hated the #SonVsDad fight, hated it so, so much. I hoped Liam will stop trying to kill Scott. He turned from the weak teen into a powerful werewolf just because of love. #LiamsFirstLove I just don't know what to say... There's a huge mess in my head right now. But, after all, I'm so thankful that nobody died. Or somebody really died? Scott died, his heart stopped working but AFTER 15 MINUTES, which is AMAZING,Melissa get him back into life by punching him hard at his chest. OmG, love that scene, although I cried a huge river, maybe an ocean of tears during that scene. Let's take a moment and thank Mrs.McCall for bringing our Alpha back! #ThankYouMelissa
Malia was fighting a horrible monster, probably a chimera, don't know who is he... And she could've died but than... #BreadenIsBack! Yeaaaaah, Breaden, Derek's girlfriend, always helping their pack, is back! That actually rhymed! Haha. I don't know, I'm so happy she's back because it makes me feel that Derek is coming back soon. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way! Is Derek coming back? I really, really hope so.
Hayden! Hayden died and yeah, I cried probably more than expected... I wasn't crying too much only because of her but Liam... My baby, he fell in love and then found out his girl is Chimera, and worst of all, she died. She died while he was tirelessly ripping Scott's chest. She died and he couldn't save her. I think that's the worst feeling ever. Seeing the person you love be slowly taking from the black death and being helpless about that... But at the end... Theo went to Nemeton (bringing Lydia with him) and revivifying all the chimeras (including Hayden and Dunovan) so she's alive, agin, but now... She's in Theo's pack!

Talking about Donovan... If he's alive,again, Stiles is not the killer anymore. And I loved the Stalia moment when Malia and Stiles were in the car and Stiles told her he's going to talk with his dad, she asked him is he going to talk with him about Donovan and Stiles was shocked, because he didn't told her about Donovan but she knew it. Before, she told him she notices and she was hell right! She noticed Donovan's bite on Stiles' shoulder and she linked all that together and got the truth. And she told him she knew but it didn't matter to her. It means she believes him and knows that he killed for a reason, defending himself, and she didn't feel like that was a big deal, man needs to defend himself and I'm totally with Malia at this point. But Stiles told that it matters to him and left the car. 

He was going to tell everything about Dunovan to his dad, but he wasn't in his office, they were at the Beacon Hills school because some kind of human-animal has broken some things in their school. But there's still the question : WHO WAS THAT?! We didn't get the answer but am I the only one who is thinking abou Derek at this point ,too? I mean, there was the supermoon that night, where werewolves get super angry and powerful, and maybe he's back in the Beacon Hills? Or maybe that was the boy Malia fighted with or, maybe even Theo?! Anyways, Stiles decided to wait for his dad at his office, but Parrish was alone since Lydia left (btw.I loved the Marrish moments this episode when they hold each others hands through the bars in the jail) and he fell asleep but suddenly get his power again, while Lydia was in the library reading about some kind of myth and realized Parrish is a HELLHOUND,and he went from police looking for the bodies. Stiles told the cops to let him go because we all know no one should be on Parrish's way while he's in the full strenght. 

So Stiles followed him and met Theo. Than Theo tried to get void Stiles to his pack but Stiles punched him hard while he was saying that Scott should be dead, and... I can't lie, beside the Stalia moment, this was my favorite part of this episode. I mean, I told you guys, Stiles and I were talking from the start that Theo is bad but no one believed us! 


Ughh how evil you need to be to spill the mountain ash all around the library so Scott couldn't leave and help his friends and that was the main reason Liam was totally freaking out. Hayden was barely breathing and Scott couldn't answer his phone, text him or come and help him so Liam decided to make something about that, so he decided to kill Scott to become an Alpha so he could turn Hayden into a werewolf and "save her". around the library so Scott couldn't leave and help his friends and that was the main reason Liam was totally freaking out. Hayden was barely breathing and Scott couldn't answer his phone, text him or come and help him so Liam decided to make something about that, so he decided to kill Scott to become an Alpha so he could turn Hayden into a werewolf and "save her". And I knew something's wrong with Theo! He's CHIMERA! But Chimera werecoyote. He can turn into a werecoyote like Malia was. I read on the internet a long time ago that Theo and Malia have some kind of connection and we'll find out what it is and we finally found out that they are both werecoyotes and Theo thinks he can get Malia into his pack because they are the same kind! Yeah, right! He said Malia wants to kill Desert Wolf and I was very surprised, but then, later, Breaden told Malia that Desert Wolf knows her plan and she'll kill her... No, please no! I think the pack can beat one Desert Wolf but if they stick together which I'm not sure about anymore... They are getting too far from each other and it's all because of Theo. But we were talking about who died. Did Theo really killed Mr.Stilinski?! I hope he's alive! Please, God #fingerscrossed... My heart broke when I saw Stiles with his father's body in his arms... He doesn't have a mom and I'm hoping that he won't lose his dad, too...
There is worse evil that's coming... Theo and his pack of Chimeras + Dread Doctors trying to make a sucess with Chimeras. Something worse is coming but it's coming for 7 months! Yeah, we'll need to wait till the March for 5b. 

And I left this for the end because I don't know how to express my feelings about this but Stiles ruined his jeep beacuse of guilty for killing Dunovan, his emotions freaked out and he couldn't stop himself... I really hope he'll be okay in the 5b season... #wearewithyouStiles #RestInPeaceOurLovingJeep...

I don't really know what I'll be doing without Teen Wolf... And school is around the corner. Already missing summer...
When are you guys getting back to school? Writte me down with the hashtag #teenwolfismykindofsummer because I'm preparing you A SURPRISE FOR BACK TO SCHOOL if I get 20 COMMENTS! Love you guys so much and see you tomorrow, Stay alive,xx

NOTE : THOSE PHOTOS AREN'T MINE! I had no time to make my own so I searched the internet!


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