Allison Argent Forever In Our Hearts❤

It's hard... Umh... They said I was the closest to you so I have to say something about you. I can't even put my words together because you were indescribable... I miss you so much... I can't even believe you are gone... I can't believe I will never see you again, see your smile, hug you tight, feel your arms around me, kiss your forhead... I just can't imagine my world without you because... You were my world! My only one...  When I think about you, about us, our moments together I just... Can't stop my tears. I'm broken ,yeah, I feel lost without you, you were my light in the dark, my only shining star in the dark sky, my support, my love, my everything. You were and you still are. No matter what, you'll always be part of me, my first and biggest love, the person I loved the most, who took the biggest part of my heart. I want everybody to know how you died... You died saving your friends. You died for what you lived for. For your friends. For your pack.
Nothing's the same without you.
It's like someone is cutting my heart apart. That someone is ,they say, called death. But you know... Death won't stop us. Won't stop me from loving you and every single day hoping I'll wake up beside you. I just wanna hug you... (started crying) This is so hard.
Love of my life rest in peace.
Love you forever.
R.I.P. Allison Argent
(my texts- Scott about Allison)

It's nothing about Stalia, but I needed to write this. I hope you understand me... I think it was time to publish this.
I miss her so much I started crying writting this... I'll do video about her. ❤
We love you Allison! Nothing's the same without you!