Your life in Teen Wolf?!

Hello guys,
Today I have very intressting theme to talk about.
Did you ever ask yourself what would your life be like if you were in Teen Wolf? Because I did, many times.

Would you be wolf,fox, banshee or something other?
-I would like to be werewolf , but after werewolves I like banshees, they are interessting.

Which life of the characters would you like to live? For boys : Scott, Stiles, Derek, Peter, Parrish or maybe Liam? For girls : Allison, Lydia, Kira, Malia, Erica or maybe Hayden?
- I looove Malia so much, so I would 99% choose her but I leave this 1% for Hayden only because of her relationship with Liam. You gotta love Liam ,girl! *I fell in a hole*

Would you rather be in Derek's, Scott's or Alpha's pack?
- I would choose Scott's pack but I love Derek too, and I'm so sad because Teen Wolf isn't the same without him. #WeWantDerekBack

Would you rather have personality like Allison or Lydia, Kira or Malia?
- About Allison or Lydia, I would definitely choose Lydia. I've never loved Allison more than Lydia because Lydia is so special, so smart and intelligent girl. Besides that, she's so beautiful.
About Kira or Malia, I 'd definitely choose Malia because Malia is so special like Lydia, she's honest and direct, I love how she says what she means and she's always there to help her pack.

And for the end, girls, which character would you date?
- Hah it's obivously for me that it would be Stiles, but I would love that Stiles is also a werewolf but although he isn't , he's in the pack and I love him so much, but there's also space in my heart(lol) for Liam, my love. Haha.

And that was all for today.
I hope you'll answer these questions in the comments bellow.
Hope you all enjoyed!
See you tomorrow,
Lots of love, x

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