Where Is Destiny Taking Us?

We can't really say what will happen tomorrow, we can't even say what will happen in the next second of our lifes. That's so beautiful , that incertitude but sometimes it's just... Frustratingly!
When you have someone, like I have you, you are so afraid of losing that priceless person who always finds the way to make you smile, who is always there for you, who doesn't want to leave you...
You know, I'm so afraid of losing you. I don't know where our destiny is taking us and I don't want to know if it takes me somewhere far away from you.
I hug you and say '' Shhh, don't worry... I won't let anyone to separate us. '' and kiss your forehead but deep inside me I think... Am I that strong to fight the world that's against us? Baby... I would die for you because my world without you is nothing. 
Don't you ever leave me, I can't imagine myself without you.
I can't imagine waking up without you by my side... 
I can't imagine laughing and crying without you...
I can't imagine living without you...
Because baby, I know, our love is stronger than anything on this world. 
We can make it through all life obstacles only if you love me as much as I love you, only if you hold my hand and never let me go.
''I would never leave without you'' , remember? 
Don't let anything stop you from being mine. I can only be happy with you by my side.
Without you... I can't even imagine me without you, can you?
I know you can't so just... Let me show you the world behind all this selfish people, world behind hate and lies, world behind this one without love, let me be your lover, friend and partner in crime.
I would do anything for you baby, you know that ,right?
Don't be mad at me for repeating you that I love you, I'm too afraid you'll forget that nobody could ever love you as much as I do. I'm too afraid someone will take my princess... The most beautiful and mine... Sounds unbelievable... I don't even deserve you... You are the most beautiful, bravest and the best person I know. I would say I love all your imperfections but... You don't even have imperfections.
My eyes only see you as the best person on the world.

If you smile, I smile. If you cry, I cry. And...

You die, I die, remember?

Hello my dear people haha, 
So today I just opened my soul (lol) and wrote text like Stiles writes to Malia. 
I just... Miss Stalia moments so I made my own Stalia imaginations haha.

I hope you like it, 
See you tomorrow and love ya, x