Without You I'm Nothing...

Please don't act like you don't care because I know... Deep inside you there's still a little bit love for me that you're keeping and hiding from everyone, even from me. But you can't hide anything from me, I just feel it. I feel when you are happy, when you are sad, when you want to die or when you need someone to hug you. I feel it. I really do, though how insane that sounds. That's what is love all about, don't you think so? Insane. Great word for us. Yeah, we are insane. We love each other so deeply but we easily forget to show it. Because we are insane. We've let all the bad things upset us so much that we forgot our promise :"I'm here for you, through all the pain and all the tears. YOU CAN TELL ME EVERYTHING". Yeah, we forgot that we are soul mates. We can really live without each other. So don't. Please don't let bad things destroy us. Destroy our relationship, our love and our promises. That's only thing I want from you...
To be with me, talk to me and tell me everything.
I know you'll feel better when you tell me everything, I would, too.
So let's just kill all the negativity between us and love each other. That's why we are made for, right?

Guys hello,
I didn't have too much time today because I won't be home for next 5-6 hours so I wrote this text like Malia is writting to Stiles type of thing... You know what I'm talking about haha.

So that was all for today,
Love ya and see you tomorrow!
Stay alive, xx

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