See You Again

Hello to all the people out there reading this haha!
I'M SO,SO, SO,SO SORRY I HAVEN'T BEEN HERE FOR A WHILE. I went to a school 4-days trip and I prepared posts for the days I haven't been at home and I thought I've set the Schedule to publish posts when I was away but it didn't work out. So please forgive me, I'm so busy these days because of school assigments and homework. 

Time is passing... Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter... Every season is coming and bringing something. Spring is bringing us the beautiful spring(ish) colors, blossoms on the trees and everything that goes with that. Summer, oh Summer is bringing us a beautiful sunny weather, going on beach time and no school time. Autumn, well, Autumn is my personaly favorite, my friends. But why? It's the season that's so alike to the reality. Everything's beautiful in reality but it's temporarily. Everything is temporarily just like the beautiful leaves on the trees are. They grow, they get green but then, autumn comes and they suddenly start to fall.
They fall just as we do. We grow, we get beautiful but at the end we die. 
And then? Winter comes. Just like in our lifes after our death.
We might not feel it, 'cuz obviously, I mean... We are death. 
But who sees the cold of the winter, who feels cold winds in winter, who feels lost in white? 
The people we left behind us.
And guys...
I wish you never left and I... I wish you take me with you just to see you one more time, that's all I'm looking for. Just to see you one more time, feel your hug the last time...
My heart isn't the same without you. It's the cold,dark place no one wants to see or feel. So I got pretty much all alone on this world.
I got cold for the people because I don't want to lose them. I don't want to lose anyone else again.
People are selfish so were you! How dare you to left me without you? How dare you? 
I'm mad at you but I'll always love you guys.
I'm missing my old pack. 
My squad. Missing old, good times when everyone was happy and all we needed was to be together and have fun.
I miss those days, man. Miss them so bad that I can't continue with my life. I feel like it's my fault.
You guys, deserve to live. But God takes the best people from our planet first because he can't wait to be with them but He leaves us, here, without you.
Without our warriors, survivors, without our heroes that'll always live in our hearts even when they are not by our side.

''It's been a long day without you my friend and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again...''


Rest In Peace ERICA REYES. 

Rest In Peace VERNON BOYD.

Rest In Peace AIDEN.

We love you. Always and forever in our hearts!

That was all for today! See you next time guys and don't forget to comment down bellow! Love ya!

Stay alive,xx


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