7th and 8th Episode Got Me Like...

Hello my dear wolfiers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This one is going to be recap of the last two episodes of Teen Wolf (7th and 8th) together because I didn't do the post separately for the 7th episode but I decided to publish this post as soon as possible because I am starting school at Monday after the short winter break. Oh God, I wish we have at least one week more!
So the past two episodes of Teen Wolf were pretty amazing because I love the style of Teen Wolf in season 6. 
I am so happy they didn't give up on Stiles and I love the fact they all are working together (as always but this time without Stiles) to actually find him. Although at the end of the last episode they were losing hope in beating the Ghost Riders because their mission to find the rift to the Wild Hunt so they could find Stiles there, Sherrif Stilinski remembered everything and his wife disappeared as soon as his memory of Stiles came back , which gave hope to the pack because Sherrif saw Stiles for a second in some kind of rift to that world. They came up to the idea of remembering everything about Stiles would lead them to the entry to that world. 
Scott has a plan to turn Stiles into a werewolf so he could get him back. 
That's the only chance they have and , although I am so excited about the possibility to see Stiles into the werewolf shape, I am worried about how would he accept it. I think Stiles wants to be some kind of supernatural creature to feel like he's the real member of the pack because couple of times he thought like 'How am I supposed to fight the supernatural creatures?! Scott and Malia have their claws , Lydia has her voice of Banshee and Kira has her sword. What do I have?' but I think to be a human running with wolves, you have to be the best. Literally no one is intelligent like him, he makes awesome plans and I just... I think his character is incredible! I am sooooo excited about the next episode! Are you? 

So that was all for this post! 
Hope you've liked it! Love you all!

Stay alive,xx

*written 3 days ago, school has already started and yeah, I already got sick of it*