Trying To Make My Best

Hello there my dear wolfiers!
How are you? Hope you are doing great!
I just wanted to make a announcement post in which I'm going to explain you why I don't publish my posts frequently and why I'm going to do it only one time per week.

Well, first of all... This blog is my first love and it'll always be my favorite, no matter what!
I love sharing my thoughts about Stalia and Teen Wolf here and that's basically why I own this blog.
But since I'm a student on the last year of middle school you know how many things I have to do every single day.
I need to study and try my best in this last year and there are lots of competitions in this year,too.
For example : I was at the religion islamic competition today where I won the 1st place and I'm so happy about that.
Since I have 2 blogs I lose my motivation and inspiration really quick but I'm trying to get back on track. The main problem now is choosing my high school.
It's so hard for almost 15-years-old girl to choose what she wants to be in the future! It was pretty easier when I was only 5! 
You know the thing about Stalia... It's pretty out of control, it seems like Stydia will be the endgame and that's another reason why I'm losing my inspiration.
But, I PROMISE, I won't stop with this blog! 
I will write more passionate when the new season starts. 
I'm not leaving you! 
I will be here, EVERY FRIDAY, to write and to share my opinions and thoughts with you! 

I love you guys and please understand me! 

Stay alive,xx 


  1. Wish you the best and that you will make the right choice for your future. Have a beautiful new week!

  2. zelim ti sretnu nedelju i naravno jos lepsih tekstova, pogledaj moj novi video :)


  3. Pratim te draga na oba bloga :). I ja se upisujem u srednju skolu , pa znam kako ti je :).Moramo se potruditi jos ova dva mjeseca i onda ljetni raspust :).

  4. Excellent post, I love your blog. I'm your new followers # 153 if you want to come on my blog ^ - ^


    1. Thank you dear, sure I'll check out your blog! xoxo

  5. Congrats with your 1st place! What was this competition about?
    Making a post per week is fine as long as it's fine with you!

    Take care!
    Inside and Outside Blog

    1. Thank you! It was about the religion islam / about Muslims :) xoxo

  6. Hey :) I'm followinf this blog and I was already following the other one, so you can follow me! And good luck with all that's going on in your life right now, I'm sure everything will turn out just right.


  7. Another nice addition to your awesome posts :)

    Dear we have nominated you for Liebster Award, To accpet it, check out our new post :)